We’ve helped brands build remarkable social media marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, elevate sales and boost web traffic. It’s also a great way to gain market insights cost-effectively.

Strategy and planning

As a leading social media agency, we don’t just jump in. We listen to your business, understand your market and then plan. Social media marketing needs to be integrated into the bigger picture so knowing your marketplace as well as you do is critical.

Brands trust us to be their social media marketing consultants. Detailed research, clear thinking and strategic planning forms the basis for us to create and manage successful campaigns proven to raise brand awareness and drive sales.

Channel management

Digital marketing campaigns often make use of numerous digital platforms and social media channels. These channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, all require maintenance and management.

We manage the curation, creation and posting of content as well as responding to customers comments and questions. Everything we publish upholds and enhances a brand’s reputation, from the imagery used to the tone of voice and vocabulary.

Reporting & measurement

With social media, there’s a whole new world of data, insights and tracking out there. Regular reporting informs future campaign strategies and ongoing activity and is central to all of our social marketing activity.

We’ll create detailed reports of your audience demographics and geographies, the reach of your posts, how many people click through to your website and make purchase and analyse what kind of content helps to generate higher interest and engagement.

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