Finding good products probably has become the easier over the years, with the help of ranking and trends. However, being unique has become very hard. At Venlinear we help source the right product weather you would like to appeal to a more money savvy market or someone looking for a better class of product. Getting the product working for your existing clients and markets.

It’s easy getting wrapped up in importing and sometimes forgetting to do the important first checks, like checking for the correct certificates or even checking to see if the product is patented. In the long or short turn, it can hurt or stop any business from trading.

We have relations all over the world to help you, weather its product testing, licences or correctly branding products.

Finding suppliers: im sure when we mention finding suppliers the first thing that pops into your heads is Alibaba, but let us insure you like any business its easier to go direct to the client. However, this alone can bring on a magnitude of problems:

  • large parts of the economy are still closed to full foreign participation
  • strong competition from well-resourced and positioned state-owned enterprises
  • finding and retaining the right skills in the local workforce
  • complex business culture
  • language barriers
  • what happens if my imports get lost?
  • Will they cut production costs?
  • significant time difference
  • weather extremes across the country and high levels of pollution in certain urban centres
  • anti-monopoly legislation used against foreign firms
  • bribery and corruption

Well that’s what we are here for, we have office situated in key locations overlooking factory’s and communicating our client’s needs.

Why use Venlinear as a sourcing agent?

A sourcing agent acts on your behalf to ensure smooth procurement of products ordered. They visit the manufacturing plants, do background checks to verify the credibility and reliability of the manufacturer and make suitable arrangements to ensure the timely delivery of right goods to you.

What if I don’t use the services of a souring agent?

You run a high risk of putting all your money at stake if you are not using the services of a sourcing agent. There is a probability of getting delayed orders, defective goods and different from the specifications ordered. There are numerous tech savvy frauds using the internet that are just waiting to lure businesses into their trap.

Without a good sourcing agent, you might enter into a business relationship with a fly-by night operator or a manufacturer with low quality products. Another problem is the cultural and language barriers which are a big problem when dealing directly with Chinese manufacturers. The delays and issues at the factories which may crop up cannot be handled through mail by sitting miles away.